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Under A Blood Red Moon

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Last night the heavens presented us with a breathtaking display of mesmerising beauty.  A full moon lunar eclipse enticed us to cast our eyes skyward, because whatever else we were doing paled into insignificance compared to this vision.  My neighbours came out into their gardens and together we watched the celestial show under the blood red moon.  

Just before dawn this morning I was woken by the loud crashing of thunder, lightning and rain.  I rushed outside to absorb it all from my veranda. The thunder rumbled and boomed so powerfully that the earth vibrated beneath my feet whilst the lightening lit up the skies. The cool mist from the rain felt soothing against my skin. With excitement, awe and some trembling I waited to see what would happen next.  The storm moved on, the early light of dawn peeped through and the blackbird sang her morning song greeting the new day. Finally, an enormous heart shaped cloud slowly drifted by. What a start to the morning!

Of late feelings of vulnerability have surfaced. Standing before the elements this morning, I felt the combined strength of their energy reverberating powerfully in my body and something inside me cracked open, tears rolled down my cheeks. Although I felt vulnerable and small before the presence of these powerful gods, I also felt alive and energised. The magnitude of the storm juxtaposed with the little blackbird offered a poignant image for reflection concerning vulnerability. As was the gift of the heart shaped cloud after the tempest.

The magpie family who has been visiting me for many years bring their babies to Anastasia’s Baby Bird Minding Garden. Here there is plenty of water, shade and safety.  This Spring’s chick, full of life and curiosity comes to play in my backyard.  She has discovered that if she bounces on the branch where the windchime hangs, something fun happens and she is delighted by the movement and sound. I enjoy watching her antics. Tiny willy wagtail babies’ flitter and frolic around in my garden, little chirping fairy birds filling my heart with delight. 

My bird of paradise is in bloom, her colour and form are exquisite and I adore her and tell her so. The trees are heavily laden with new fruit and this year there will be an abundance of plums, pomegranates and apricots. 


The moon, birds, plants, trees, animals and elements recognise who they are within the cosmos. They know how to shine in their individual brilliance and intelligence without apology. It seems to me that it is we humans that are perplexed regarding our meaningful task.  Radical eco-psychologist Andy Fisher offers us a clue here stating that ‘it falls on all other creatures, therefore speaking in chorus, to remind the confused humans that their purpose is to “glory in it all”, to praise and give thanks for Creation itself.” I love this invitation, because it is a call to open our hearts by sensually immersing ourselves in relationship with the natural world.   

The lunar eclipse lured us out of our homes to admire the moon. The loud and wild call of the thunderstorm commanded attention.  It is natural for us to want to engage, because deep down past all the indoctrination of separation we know in our ovaries that we are one. Our instinctual animal self knows that we have co-evolved with all life on this planet and that we have been severed from a relationship which is ancient and life giving. 

A way through the ecological crisis is to find our path back into right compassionate relationship with all living beings with whom we share this earth. We are called upon to really see, hear and feel for the non-human inhabitants who share our planet.  To live in a way that recognises that they are not merely a beautiful inanimate backdrop upon which the theatre of human drama is played out. For example, the earth is a presence that feels our steps and not simply an object we walk upon.  Embodying the world in this way opens us up to a bigger story where we are held in our entirety.   

As we can see engagement with the earth begins with our own experience and relationship with an expressive, and living world. Eco-philosopher Thomas Berry asserts that “the natural world demands a response beyond scientific insight. The natural world demands a response that arises from the wild unconscious depths of the human soul…only intimacy can save us from our present commitment to a plundering industrial economy.”  Psychologist Sharon Blackie invites us to cultivate an enchanted life where one is “to be challenged, to be awakened, to be gripped and shaken to the core by the extraordinary which lies at the ordinary.  Above all, to live an enchanted life is to fall in love with the world all over again.” 

How do we start creating intimacy? How we can fall in love again with the natural world? What do you think of this as a starting point?

Go out alone to a place where you can regularly visit undisturbed, feel safe and can be absorbed in nature. This could be in your garden, a park, a creek, the beach or a forest. Go there in all kinds of weather, how does this place change and how does it impact your senses? Notice all the comings and goings of life here. Who are the inhabitants of this space? What is the sound of their individual voices? Choose a tree, plant, flower, an element, bird or animal.  Sit with them and note what happens. Begin a conversation, like you would when meeting any new being in the early stages of relationship creation. Introduce yourself.  Let this place and the residents hear your voice, tell them a story, your story, sing them a song or read a poem.  Notice their individual beauty, admire and compliment them.  Ask them their story and listen with your body wisdom.  Notice what happens to both you and your companion.  

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