The Soul Flight

Shamanic Journey
Workshop Adelaide

The Soul Flight is a foundational course to all other Soul Praxis workshops. During this workshop, techniques for undertaking shamanic journeys and working with the soul are introduced, practised and discussed.

Embark on Your Shamanic Journey 

The Soul Flight workshop is a doorway into deeper work

Shamanic journeying consists of core techniques for entering an alternate reality for guidance, power, vision healing and creativity. Practising the methods brings an experience of the spiritual, beyond just an intellectual understanding. People worldwide have used these techniques since prehistoric times because they work.

During our shamanic journey workshop, step-by-step guidance is provided as you explore alternate realities with your spirit animal allies. You will develop an experiential understanding of the methods used to access the spiritual realms. Once you have learned the core skills, the practice is alive inside you and available whenever you need it. The shamanic journey is about freedom. All freedom comes from within.

The shamanic journey has been found to offer a multitude of benefits that significantly enhance overall well-being. Some of the most noteworthy are, the promotion of deep states of relaxation, joy, strengthening of the immune-system, increase in creativity, receiving guidance and wisdom, breaking free of obsolete patterns, personal empowerment, heightened psychic abilities and intuition.

The shamanic journey reconnects us with our sacred origins, renewing our faith in the soul’s power to guide us back home to our true selves.

The Soul Flight workshop will equip you with knowledge and experience on how to:

  • Undertake and develop your own unique shamanic practice.
  • Explore alternate realities and build powerful bridges of transformation within your physical world.
  • Understand the basic principles of shamanism.
  • Connect with your power animal and learn how to nurture a relationship with them.
  • Learn how to formulate your questions for the shamanic journey.
  • Learn how to analyse your shamanic journey’s.
  • Receive healing and guidance from your power animal.
  • Deepen your connection to nature, and all the non-humans who share our planet, fostering a sense of ecological consciousness.
  • Develop trust in your intuition and inner authority.

What to Expect

My style is conversational, collaborative and personal, and because of this, groups are capped at six participants. A safe environment is created for you to journey together, share your experiences and, ideally, develop a community of support beyond the workshop.

There is also an opportunity here to bring an existing friendship group of like-minded women to form an exclusive group to work together. Those who have participated in such a group found that their friendships were deepened, and the experience afforded them a shared cosmology and language, enabling deeper conversations and support.

Take Flight With Us!

Register your interest in the Soul Flight Shamanic Journey workshop today, and explore the inner workings of your spiritual landscape.

Journey to the Three Worlds

As we explore the Cosmic Web of Life, we become travellers between worlds. These distinct realms are found in shamanic traditions and are connected by the Axis Mundi or Shamanic Tree of Life. The trunk of this tree can be seen as an expressway that leads us to three planes of existence, known as the Lower World, located at the root of the tree, the Middle World, located in its centre, and, in the tree’s sprawling canopy, the Upper World.

It’s important to understand that teachings on these worlds vary greatly, as each shamanic journey is unique and informed by your own spiritual context and lived experience. What your travels through these worlds entail will depend on what your spiritual guardians have to teach you regarding your unique cosmology, and what intentions you approach each journey with. The only way to find out is by journeying and becoming familiar with these landscapes for yourself. The shamanic journey always gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want. Whether you are a novice or an experienced shamanic traveller, the Soul Flight workshop will equip you with invaluable tools, strategies, and insights that will help you deepen your practice and amplify your connection to the networks of life.

Discover Your Power Animal

When we embark on the Shamanic Journey, we seldom do it alone. In fact, in our very first session, we will delve into the Lower World to meet and ally ourselves with our Spirit Animals. A Spirit Animal, also known as a power animal, is an archetypal being that acts as a protective guide and ally.  These compassionate helpers guide you in your journeys to a myriad of realms, and through life’s challenges in the physical world. One of the primary aims of this workshop is to teach you strategies to access your inner wisdom by connecting with one, or more, Spirit Animals. In our time together, you will gain insight into how these spiritual companions can empower you, help you heal, and give you the guidance to thrive even in difficult times.

Upcoming Soul Flight Workshop

The Soul Flight Shamanic Journey workshops consist of four 4 hour sessions with breaks. The fourth session date is to be decided by the group. It offers an opportunity for us to re-group and discuss progress, and address any questions arising from your journeys after you have had some time for independent practice. All face to face workshops are held in Adelaide.

Next Online Workshop

Dates: Sundays 21, 28 July & 4 August 2024
Time: 12:30 – 4:30pm
Price: $300

Upcoming Soul Flight Workshop

The Soul Flight Shamanic Journey workshops consist of four 4 hour sessions with breaks. The fourth session date is to be decided by the group. It offers an opportunity for us to re-group and discuss progress, and address any questions arising from your journeys after you have had some time for independent practice. All face to face workshops are held in Adelaide.

Group A Face to Face

March 10, 17, 24
12.30pm – 4.30pm (ACST)

Group B Face to Face

April 21, 28, May 5th
12.30pm – 4.30pm (ACST)

Group C Online

July 21, 28, August 4
12.30pm – 4.30pm (ACST)


AUD $299 inc GST

Meet Your Guide

I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia. For over three decades, I have supported people in my professional practice as a psychologist, eco-therapist, shamanic psychotherapist, teacher and facilitator. I draw wisdom from numerous influences I have incorporated into my life and work.

I love variety and feel blessed to have had an interesting and diverse career that has brought many opportunities to learn, travel and assist individuals, leaders and organisations. My professional experience includes establishing my private practice, working with people in rural and remote towns and the criminal justice system, speaking at conferences and facilitating community women’s workshops. Compassion Fatigue Australia is another facet of what I do and is designed to support front-line organisations that provide services to the vulnerable. It will offer you some more insight into my work.

Over time my focus has evolved into teaching what I love the most; women’s transformational work, the ways of the soul and finding our way back into the right relationship with the more-than-human world and the land upon which we reside. For this reason, I have created Soul Praxis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Often, we can be worried about appropriating the practices of other cultures, without having a 'right' to partake in particular activities. Shamanic practices are often witnessed in living Indigenous cultures across the globe, from Siberia to Japan. They are not the sole property of any one group and are widespread throughout the globe. It is likely that, wherever you are from, your ancestors would have, at some stage, practised a form of shamanism. Wherever peoples looked and recognised the ensouled, intelligent nature of non-human beings, some form of Shamanic practice was likely to take root.

Shamanism and many of the practices which flow from this particular worldview have been my way of life for over two decades. I prefer the term shamanic practitioner.

Shamanic journey work can be a powerful tool for learning self-compassion, undertaking personal transformation and finding healing.

While formal shamanic training is never a necessity, it can help you get a quicker handle on some fundamental concepts and make it easier to begin understanding the breadth and depth of shamanic practices. However, the process should never be subject to dogma. The shamanic journey inherently involves trusting your own inner wisdom. After all, only you can truly experience your own spiritual landscape.

Shamanism can offer a range of valuable benefits for individuals in their everyday lives. Connecting with nature, spiritual growth, healing from emotional, and spiritual wounds, empowerment, and connecting with the community are just some of the positive outcomes that come with engaging in shamanic practices.

There is no "shaman gene"! Absolutely anyone can learn shamanic practices, and indeed, may benefit from them! However, embarking on a shamanic journey is not to be taken lightly. The practice involves persistence, dedication, and an open mind- like the term 'Shamanic Practice" entails, it is also something that requires...that's right, practice! Journeying is honed with time, and while some may take to it more readily than others, it is something that anyone can master, given time and patience.

If you've ever seen a photo of a Shaman online or in a book, it's likely that they were accompanied by some of their unique tools, or power objects. Often, these take the forms of drums, rattles, symbols, idols, and other objects of significance to the Shaman. Shamanic practitioners are attuned to the energy of their power objects and rely on them to aid them in their journeys. For this reason, power objects are seldom shared, and are regarded as sacred creations worthy of respect. It is important to keep these power objects private, only discussing them with trustworthy individuals who will adequately appreciate their spiritual significance.

Power animals or animal spirits are partners in the work who offer individual protection, guidance, and energy. During our workshops, you will encounter these spirit guides and form valuable relationships that will help guide you in your journeys. It is important that, like power objects, you keep your power animal private and only discuss them in safe circles where you can trust that the information will be respected.

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