Supporting Women’s

Soul Work

Soul Praxis calls to a growing movement of pioneering grassroots leaders from all walks of life.  Women who are seeking a richer, deeper, and more connected way of living and leading. You are invited to explore your unique cosmology and other life-forwarding ideas through mentorship, curated workshops and community events.

Why Now?

In ancient Greece the Oracle of Delphi was a place of pilgrimage. Here one met with the Sibyl. The wise woman, prophetess, and seer, trained since childhood to enter shamanic states of ecstasy, to bring forth messages from the Gods. Before anyone could ask the Sibyl their questions, a pre- requisite was required:

I warn you, whoever you are, oh! You want to probe the “Arcana of Nature”, that if you do not find “within yourself” that which you are looking for, you shall not find it outside either! If you ignore the excellences of your own house, how do you pretend to find other excellences? Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures! “Know Thyself” and you will know the Universe and the Gods.

“Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know thyself and you will know the universe” lies at the core of Soul Praxis.

Reclaim Ancient Stories

In service to the gods of technology, we have shirked the living world for the soulless landscapes of machines.

This journey away from nature and the inner workings of the soul has given rise to outsourcing our reality to meaningless distractions, rampant consumerism, external authorities, and heart-numbing addictions. We have become exposed and vulnerable to fear-inducing images and stale ideologies which fetter our soul’s odyssey.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We are living in the place between stories. This liminal space is overflowing with possibilities.  Our words have power, and can create worlds. Soul Praxis provides a place for us to have transformative conversations that matter.

Seek a Different Path

Soul Praxis challenges reductive narratives. It is a call to remember our connection to the more-than-human world and to each other.

Soul Praxis workshops are designed to incorporate the shamanic journey as a foundational practice from which you can develop your spiritual intelligence . Each subsequent workshop offers an opportunity to explore new concepts, sample different practices, and learn more about your spiritual landscape.

Take Flight Today

Embark on your own shamanic journey with the foundational Soul Flight workshop.

Soul Praxis Is

Soul Work

The word praxis depicts the cycle of transformation, through the interdependent relationships of contemplation, integration and action.


Soul Praxis values independence of thought and action.

Evolutionary Journey

Soul Praxis is deeply personal. It grows with you and for you. It explores what has meaning for you to cultivate your own personal understandings.


Soul praxis is an adventure into your personal spiritual landscape. It is a journey of self-discovery and the recovery of things lost, stolen, or forgotten.


Soul Praxis is foundational. Drawing on ancient and modern practices you will develop your own praxis in which to trust.

Sacred Activism

Soul Praxis encourages you to change yourself, ultimately transforming your relationship with the living earth. It supports reclaiming your power and humanity in an increasingly mechanistic and technological world.

Bridge Building

Soul Praxis is the bridge between the inner and outer, the human soul and the soul of nature, the old story and the new.

Not a Quick Fix

Soul Praxis is not a quick fix, because to be simplistic would be to deny the complexity of human existence.

Not Afraid

Soul Praxis is not afraid to put a finger in the wound to better know it and to find the courage to heal.


Soul Praxis is a connection to your inner cosmology, the living earth and women just like you, ready to do their work.


Soul Praxis comes into the here and now, through discussion, journaling, drawing, creating, ritual or ceremony.


Soul Praxis is story. Old narratives will be retold and new ones created.

Write Your Own Story

The narratives of modernity can stifle, disempower, and leave us feeling lost and adrift. It’s time for a new story. One that is life-affirming, soul-nourishing and reconnects us with our intuition, inner knowing, and the more-than-human world.

Explore our workshops today, and join us as we nurture a new chapter – together.

Developing Soul Praxis

Soul Praxis has an intensely personal emphasis. Soul Praxis asks what is the nature of your soul? What are the images, colours, animals, natural locations that beckon and move you? What does your unique inner cosmology look, feel, sound, taste and smell like? In soul-making we are invited to cross the threshold from the physical and enter into the realm of the imagination. How do we do this?

The foundational method I teach for entering an intentional meditative state for the development of spiritual intelligence is the soul flight or the shamanic journey. Why? Because this method of entering and exploring the interior landscape of our soul has stood the test of time. This spiritual praxis is estimated to be over 30,000 years old. Therefore, once you have learned the core skills, the practice is alive inside you and available whenever you need it.

Our work together will further incorporate a range of practices and conversations aimed at deepening your relationship with soul. Some of these include myth, nature, dreams, shadow work, body symptoms and journaling.

Intention and compassion are powerful guides in this work. Soul work is a gradual and multilayered practice that over time remaps our mind, and revolutionises the beliefs that currently inform our relationship to ourselves, each other, the earth and the non-humans with whom we share our home.

Join the Circle

Each journey starts with a single step.

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Nourish Your
Spiritual Intelligence

Findings in neuroscience confirm that spiritual intelligence is hard-wired in the human brain. The circuitry linked with spiritual intelligence remains mostly dormant and undeveloped, until we consciously engage in practices that activate it.

Humans have a natural and vast multi-layered universe within their being. This universe can be accessed any time at will. Every human has a natural curiosity to make sense and meaning of their world including that which lies beyond the five senses. Our inner world is rich with imagery, archetypes, guidance, healing and wisdom on how to create a life that is informed by our own intuitive truth, a new empowering narrative.

Mystical experiences open us up to the Extra-ordinary – the infinite within ourselves. It is from this deep well of knowing that our unique spiritual intelligence springs forth and gradually flows as our praxis. Spiritual intelligence grounds us to the earth, the expansive cosmos, and the core of who we are. Soul Praxis is the bridge unifying all our intelligences. 

Work with me

Join me on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery as we reconnect with ourselves, with each other, and with the living Earth.

The Cosmic Cycle of Life, Death, Life

Over the years it became increasingly evident to me through my own deep initiatory experiences and those of my clients that my role as psychologist and shamanic psychotherapist has been that of psychopompos or psychopomp. The exquisite Greek term for soul guide, one who mediates between the conscious and unconscious realms. One who walks between the world of spirit and matter.

Fortunately for us, we all have an inner psychopomp who knows how to instinctively guide us when we find ourselves in those terrifyingly transformative liminal thresholds. Where life as we knew it is no more and new life is yet to be birthed. The in-between space!

Here the theme of death takes prominence. All the fears which accompany endings, in the form of anxiety, ambiguity and uncertainty surface. It is interesting to note that whenever we explore the subject of death whether in recurrent dreams and myths of descent, we find that it is never seen to stand alone as a final act of obliteration. Death is universally found to be part of the cosmic cycle in relationship with rebirth. Death provides the fertile ground from which life is resurrected anew. That’s not all. If we look closely, somewhere between this cycle another theme emerges, that of initiation.

Initiation is in itself a psychopomp, providing us the archetypal pattern by which the soul can make a transition from one stage of development to another. We are initiated into the deeper mysteries of soul and life. And when we go the distance something larger desires to be expressed through us. We are never the same again!

How do we navigate those times where life throws us back on ourselves, plunging us into the abyss where we meet the Dark Goddess? How do we forge a relationship with our inner psychopomp? What are our soul’s signs that something needs to be allowed to die? What are the steps to the cosmic dance of life, death, life? What are we initiated into? How do we become our own soul guide? What is it that the soul is asking of us?