Spiritual Courses and Workshops for Women 

Soul Praxis calls to women seeking to reclaim their spiritual, psychological and ecological selves. Our spiritual courses, personal development workshops, and community events provide a space to learn powerful tools for personal transformation, spiritual healing, and authentic self-expression. 

Begin Your Journey

Reconnect. Remember. Reclaim.

At Soul Praxis, we are proud to offer pathways to spiritual development, reconnection with the natural world, and personal growth. We believe that each woman’s journey is unique. Our spiritual workshops allow for personal exploration while providing structured support and guidance. Begin your journey, meet your spirit guides, and shed the trappings of a reductive culture to discover your Soul Praxis.

Join the Circle

Each journey starts with a single step.

Join a circle of like-minded women in our spiritual development workshops and start on the path to cultivating your unique practice today. Sign up for our mailing list to receive a free spiritual self-care poster and keep updated on the latest news.

Take Charge of Your Spiritual Development

Our in-person Adelaide-based and online spirituality workshops equip participants with the tools to take charge of their spiritual development, whether they are just beginning to venture into the practice or have been on the path for many years. Together, we learn to be led by our inner sight, cultivate meaningful kinships with the natural world, grow in conscious awareness of our intuitive selves, and build the spiritual strength to live at our own pace and according to values we believe matter most.

Receive support from an experienced psychologist

Unite and foster a relationship with your spirit animal

Uncover and walk your unique spiritual path

Reconnect and find balance with the natural world

Challenge oppressive systems and live authentically

Explore the concept of the divine feminine

Meet Your Guide

I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia. For over three decades, I have supported people in my professional practice as a psychologist, eco-therapist, shamanic psychotherapist, teacher and facilitator. I draw wisdom from numerous influences I have incorporated into my life and work.

I love variety and feel blessed to have had an interesting and diverse career that has brought many opportunities to learn, travel and assist individuals, leaders and organisations. My professional experience includes establishing my private practice, working with people in rural and remote towns and the criminal justice system, speaking at conferences and facilitating community women’s workshops. Compassion Fatigue Australia is another facet of what I do and is designed to support front-line organisations that provide services to the vulnerable. It will offer you some more insight into my work.

Over time my focus has evolved into teaching what I love the most; women’s transformational work, the ways of the soul and finding our way back into the right relationship with the more-than-human world and the land upon which we reside. For this reason, I have created Soul Praxis.

Work with me

Join me on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery as we reconnect with ourselves, with each other, and with the living Earth.

What to Expect

Soul Praxis is spiritual and ecological activism. An invitation to wake up, unplug and retrieve that which has unconsciously been given away, usurped, or believed forever lost. Soul work challenges the narratives, values and beliefs we live by and seeks to reveal whether they are supporting us and our beloved earth whom we call home. Soul Praxis workshops bridge old stories and those yet to blossom.

Guided and grounded by the instinctual cosmic cycle of life, you become initiated into ancient feminine mysteries. In this sacred liminal space, you become an apprentice to your soul, bring peace and restore your relationship with the archetypal feminine, remember how to commune with the earth and all its beings, learn to trust your inner guidance and join other women in writing a new life-forwarding story.


Reawaken Your Spirit

Soul Praxis is for women interested in being more than passive consumers of information. Soul Praxis is practical and requires committed participation in your own evolutionary process. No one else can do this work for you.

Soul Praxis Asks You

To consciously commit time to the work

To fully participate in the process

To practice, reflect and ground the work

To be willing to step into dis-comfort

To allow your praxis and life to unfold

Write Your Own Story

The narratives of modernity can stifle, disempower, and leave us feeling lost and adrift. It’s time for a new story. One that is life-affirming, soul-nourishing and reconnects us with our intuition, inner knowing, and the more-than-human world.

Explore our workshops today, and join us as we nurture a new chapter – together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding and responding to one's spiritual needs is an essential component in leading a happy, connected, and fulfilled life. Too often, we are intimidated by the prospect of starting such an important journey. This is why we tailor our workshops to suit women in all stages of their personal spiritual development. For those looking for a solid foundation in basic principles, the Soul Flight Shamanic Journey workshop offers a launchpad to assist students in grasping the fundamentals.

Each of our workshops has unique pricing depending on the number of sessions and their content. Please refer to the individual workshop pages for pricing information.

Yes. All our courses are offered online and face-to-face for those living in or visiting Adelaide. If you're interested in one of our workshops and dwell outside South Australia, you can simply register for an online course.

Our courses allow you to grow a better understanding of your spiritual landscape so that you may emerge with new insights and important tools for self-empowerment and liberation. Our spiritual workshops emphasise the importance of respecting your own boundaries, life-force and developing a personal spiritual practice that helps you lead your life in a way that is authentic and true to yourself.

We do not currently offer a payment plan for our courses, and all fees are paid in full before the commencement of the course.

No, we do not currently offer private one-on-one sessions. Our workshops are carefully structured and conducted in small groups to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to receive personalised guidance while also benefiting from group discussions and a supportive, collaborative environment.

No, we do not currently offer meditation classes. However, many of our courses include exercises designed to help you deepen your self-awareness and develop more intentional and positive relationships with yourself and the living world around you.

As many of our courses are rooted in women's work, women's circles and the divine feminine, we currently restrict attendance to women.

Generally, our workshops are designed for women over the age of thirty. However, anyone over the age of eighteen with a keen interest in developing their spiritual practice is welcomed to attend.

No, Soul Praxis does not facilitate spiritual healing courses, energy healing services, deep healing or crystal healing. Instead, we offer women's transformational workshops, self-development courses and shamanic journey programmes designed to support personal growth, transformation and self-discovery. Those seeking Adelaide spiritual healing services and courses can find other professional facilitators in the area.