Dreams as Sacred Guides

Dream Interpretation Workshop Adelaide

Over three weeks of in-depth dream analysis sessions, this introductory Adelaide-based workshop will help you learn to decode the unique language of your dreams. The Dreams as Sacred Guides workshop is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  It is intensely personal, delving beyond mere interpretation and straight to the depths of the soul.  

About the Dreams as Sacred Guides Workshop

Welcome to the Dreams as Sacred Guides Workshop, your gateway to the vivid realm of depth psychology and dreams. In this workshop, you will learn to employ the understanding of depth psychology to translate the nuances of your psyche, delving into the mysterious depths of your unconscious to emerge with valuable lessons straight from the soul. 

At the heart of this exploration lies the power of dreams, which serve as portals to our deepest desires, fears and aspirations, offering glimpses into the intricate tapestry of our inner worlds. Through the lens of depth psychology, symbolic threads woven within our dreams are unravelled, unlocking their rich meanings and uncovering the wisdom that resides within. By way of engaging in discussions, experiential exercises, and supportive group interactions, this workshop will help you develop the tools and insights needed to navigate your dreamscape and follow with conscious intention the promptings of your soul.   

During our time together, we will:

  • Develop a foundational understanding of key concepts and principles of depth psychology and dream work.
  • Deepen our awareness of how dreams are gateways to our souls.
  • Decode the symbolic language of dreams.
  • Practice techniques for engaging with dream figures and dream symbols to acquire personal messages.
  • Learn to trust our own insights and intuitions.
  • Discover practical strategies for integrating dreams into daily life for guidance and personal growth.

What to Expect

My style is conversational, collaborative and personal, and because of this groups are capped at six participants. A safe environment is created for you to journey together, share your experiences and ideally create a community of support beyond the workshop.

There is also an opportunity here to bring an existing friendship group of like-minded women to form an exclusive group to work together. Those who have participated in such a group found that their friendships were deepened, and the experience afforded them a shared cosmology and language, enabling deeper conversations and support.

Decode your dreams.

Have you ever pondered the meaning of a particularly powerful dream that haunted your waking hours? Learn to understand the language of your dreams and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery by registering today.

What is dream interpretation?

For as long as we have dreamed, we have looked for meaning in our nightly ventures into the unconscious. Dream interpretation is the name for techniques used to decode the metaphor and symbolic language of dreams, bringing meaning and purpose where there appears to be none.

However, conventional dream analysis is limited by its reliance on predetermined meanings that overlook the importance of a person’s particular context, surface-level interpretations, and disconnection from self-discovery and transformation. 

Many of us have faced the disappointment of researching a particularly memorable dream online or using a dream dictionary, only to find that the meaning supposedly carried by our dream does not align with our intuitive understanding. This is where depth psychology comes in.

In contrast to conventional methods of dream analysis, dream analysis that is undertaken through the lens of depth psychology is deeply personal and does not rely on prescribing a set meaning to your unique experience. Instead, depth psychology encourages us to reflect on psychological processes and states in which we are unconscious. Within these realms, we may uncover valuable insights that may lead us to a greater and more profound understanding of ourselves, our fears, goals, inner conflicts, and desires for freedom and personal growth. 

The foundational concepts introduced in this workshop will serve as a solid bedrock upon which you can build your journey into the profound realm of dreamwork.  With this essential knowledge, you will be empowered to delve deeper into the mysteries of your dreams and embark on more advanced explorations in future workshops. These concepts will lay the groundwork for an enriched and transformative path of self-discovery, opening doors to new levels of personal insight, healing and growth.  

Upcoming Dreams as Sacred Guides Workshop

The Dreams as Sacred Guides Online Workshop consists of four 2 hour sessions with breaks.

Next Online Workshop

Dates: Wednesdays: July 17, 24, 31 & August 7 2024
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Price: $288

Upcoming The Dreams as Sacred Guides Workshops

The Dreams as Sacred Guides Workshop consists of four 2 hour sessions with breaks.

Wednesday Workshop Online


March 20, 27, April 3, 10


7.00-9.00 pm (ACST)


AUD $288 inc GST

Meet Your Guide

I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia. For over three decades, I have supported people in my professional practice as a psychologist, eco-therapist, shamanic psychotherapist, teacher and facilitator. I draw wisdom from numerous influences I have incorporated into my life and work.

I love variety and feel blessed to have had an interesting and diverse career that has brought many opportunities to learn, travel and assist individuals, leaders and organisations. My professional experience includes establishing my private practice, working with people in rural and remote towns and the criminal justice system, speaking at conferences and facilitating community women’s workshops. Compassion Fatigue Australia is another facet of what I do and is designed to support front-line organisations that provide services to the vulnerable. It will offer you some more insight into my work.

Over time my focus has evolved into teaching what I love the most; women’s transformational work, the ways of the soul and finding our way back into the right relationship with the more-than-human world and the land upon which we reside. For this reason, I have created Soul Praxis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While dreams may appear confusing and complex in their layered meaning, or at times without meaning at all, they provide us with a candid reflection of our unconscious, underlying selves. They are an interface through which we may learn to interact with, and most importantly, understand the unique way our souls express their needs, fears, and aspirations. Dreams help us become aware of and can guide us to reconciliation, compassion, recognition and understanding.

How often have you had an incredible dream, only to have the vibrancy and excitement of your adventures fade soon after waking? A dream diary is an essential tool for helping you capture the details of your dreams for interpretation and analysis. Keeping a comprehensive record of your dreams can also allow you to better observe any patterns, trends, or overarching narratives that arise from your ventures into the unconscious realm.

Dreams and their language are as varied and complex as the people that experience them. There is no single, universal, language of dreams. While it can be tempting to refer to a dream dictionary and say, "This dream suggests I may be facing a coming conflict", or "This person represents a past relationship", such a simplistic approach does not account for the unique complexities of our inner worlds and our own lived and cultural experiences.

Just as no person remains the same forever, so too do the symbols we encounter in our dreams metamorphose over time. Dream journals can help us gain a ‘bird’s eye view’ of our dream journeys, and see the subtle changes as they happen over time. Sometimes, symbols can transform quickly, and sometimes take years to shift their meaning. Sometimes, they never change at all. As with all things related to the soul, the truth you find will be unique to you.

Our workshops are offered to women as a safe space to come together to share lived experiences.

Generally, we recommend wearing a set of comfortable clothes and bringing along a journal, whether blank or brimming with your dream-time journeys. Once you register for the workshop we will email you a more detailed outline of what to expect, and what to bring to each of the workshop sessions.

While it is a good idea to start recording your dreams as soon as possible, to have a richer set of stories to refer to, you do not need to have an existing dream journal to start the workshop. We will give an overview of dream journals and how to keep and use a dream journal during the workshop.

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