The Soul of Nature

Eco-Psychology Workshop Adelaide

Through the lens of eco-psychology and eco-spirituality, we explore where the boundless beauty of the soul of nature intertwines with the rich tapestry of the human soul.  

About the Soul of Nature Workshop

Earth is my body, Water is my blood, Air is my breath and Fire is my spirit.

As I go about my day I often sing this timeless circle song. This melodic reminder reverberates within my being and echoes through my days, dissolving the illusion of separation between my soul and the soul of nature. The ancient Greek word “cosmos” encapsulates the harmony, order and resplendent beauty of the natural world. It is within this cosmic tapestry that the soul of nature resides ever present, alive, vibrant and yearning for profound engagement with us. It is both an exquisite expression of intelligence and a gentle call to explore meaningful connections. 

How can we truly engage with this magnificent cosmos? The Soul of Nature workshop beckons us to awaken our dormant aesthetic senses and rejuvenate our psyche, liberating them from the clutches of distractions, and antiquated doctrines. Within this sanctuary, we shed the cocoon of self-absorption and surrender to a profound love affair with the soul of the earth and all its sentient beings. Here, we recognise that human and environmental health are entwined, two facets of a single precious coin.  

During our time together, we will:

  • Reflect through the lens of eco-psychology, and eco-spirituality exploring the connection between the soul of nature and the human soul.
  • Strengthen our relationships with our natural environment.
  • Cultivate a spiritual connection to the world soul through the shamanic journey and other imaginal practices.
  • Discover our personal eco-praxis in bridging the gap between the soul of nature and the human soul.
  • Through a humble and compassionate heart, learn to dialogue with and listen to the voice of the Earth and act.
  • Discover our personal eco-praxis in bridging the gap between the soul of nature and the human soul.

What to Expect

My style is conversational, collaborative and personal, and because of this groups are capped at six participants. A safe environment is created for you to journey together, share your experiences and ideally create a community of support beyond the workshop. As this workshop’s focus is on cultivating profound human connections to the Earth and its more-than-human inhabitants, parts of this workshop will be conducted outdoors.

There is also an opportunity here to bring an existing friendship group of like-minded women to form an exclusive group to work together. Those who have participated in such a group found that their friendships were deepened, and the experience afforded them a shared cosmology and language, enabling deeper conversations and support.

Listen to the Earth.

Join me on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery as we reconnect with ourselves, with each other, and with the living Earth.

What is Eco-Psychology?

Ecopsychology and eco-spirituality intertwine in a harmonious dance, each enriching and complimenting the other. Eco-psychology is a field of thought that explores the relationship between the human world and the natural world.

It challenges the reductive notions of culture as separate from nature, inviting us to recognise the profound interconnectedness that binds all forms of life together, be they human, animal, fungal, or plant life.

This recognition extends to the field of eco-spirituality where we delve into the consciousness of all living beings. In the realms of eco-spirituality, we embrace the profound truth that spirituality extends far beyond the confines of religious institutions, flourishing in the depths of our relationship with nature. 

Eco-psychology informs us of new ways of being in an increasingly fragmented and disconnected world and views our reconnection with the living world as a way to healing the Earth and physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally healing ourselves in the process.

Eco-Psychology is a diverse practice

The essence of eco-psychology materialises in many ways across the world, be it in conservation efforts, the spiritual practices of Indigenous peoples, and nature-based interventions such as wilderness therapy, green therapy, animal-assisted therapy, adventure therapy, or Shirin Yoku, (‘forest bathing’).

What we know as a fact is that nature therapy programmes and other structured activities based around our interaction with the natural world offer a wealth of physical and mental health benefits, including a reduction in stress, enhanced creativity, and greater compassion for self and others. These practices align with the essence of eco-spirituality, as they envelop the transformative power of nature and facilitate our deepening connection with the Earth. 

Eco-Psychology is transformative

Together eco-psychology and eco-spirituality invite us to shift our perspective, to see ourselves as integral parts of a vibrant interconnected web of life. They guide us to reawaken our sense of belonging and reverence for the Earth.

As we immerse ourselves in the process of remembering our long-forgotten relationship with the natural world, we are supported in creating a more harmonious coexistence with the Earth and with all who share this planet with us.

In this sacred union, eco-psychology and eco-spirituality become catalysts for personal and collective transformation. They inspire us to embody our role as caretakers and stewards of the Earth, cultivating a deep sense of compassion and respect for all life. As we honour the interconnectedness of existence, we nourish the Earth and, in turn, experience deep healing within ourselves. 

Upcoming The Soul of Nature Workshops

The Soul of Nature Workshop consists of four 4 hour sessions with breaks. All sessions are face-to-face and held in Adelaide.

Workshop dates to be

Sunday Workshop


October 15, 22, 29,
November 5


12.30 – 4.30 (ACST)


AUD $297 inc GST

Meet Your Guide

I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia. For over three decades, I have supported people in my professional practice as a psychologist, eco-therapist, shamanic psychotherapist, teacher and facilitator. I draw wisdom from numerous influences I have incorporated into my life and work.

I love variety and feel blessed to have had an interesting and diverse career that has brought many opportunities to learn, travel and assist individuals, leaders and organisations. My professional experience includes establishing my private practice, working with people in rural and remote towns and the criminal justice system, speaking at conferences and facilitating community women’s workshops. Compassion Fatigue Australia is another facet of what I do and is designed to support front-line organisations that provide services to the vulnerable. It will offer you some more insight into my work.

Over time my focus has evolved into teaching what I love the most; women’s transformational work, the ways of the soul and finding our way back into the right relationship with the more-than-human world and the land upon which we reside. For this reason, I have created Soul Praxis.

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The Soul of Nature

Frequently Asked Questions

At Soul Praxis, all our workshops are designed as safe spaces for women to gather and share their lived experiences. All women from all walks of life are welcome to join the circle, regardless of past experiences.

The Soul of Nature workshops offer a unique perspective not commonly found in nature therapy workshops and experiences. The focus of this workshop is on the participant's spiritual practice and spiritual connection to the natural world. During the workshop, we seek to strengthen this connection. While like other nature therapy courses, this workshop involves connecting with and observing the natural world, it also introduces an emotional and spiritual element that is underpinned by shamanic practices.

No past experience with eco therapy or psychology is needed or expected for taking part in this workshop. The content presented during our sessions is accessible and written to be understood by those with little to no understanding of what eco-psychology is.

Because creating connections with the natural world is very much an embodied and experiential process, we do hold some parts of the workshop outdoors. That said, the location is private and quiet- ideal for putting theory into practice!

At Soul Praxis, we take a strong stance against dogma. We always ensure to present a wide range of different and diverse perspectives, and the workshops are always an open and safe space for all ideas and discussions, whether they be new or old.

We do our best to ensure that everything you learn during the workshop can be applied to your daily life, be it walking away with a renewed relationship with the land or new opportunities for improved mental health and personal well-being.

Join the Circle

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