Musings in the Olive Grove

How do you Greet the Day?


Greeting the day in my garden has become a valued ritual each morning. Today’s forecast predicts a scorcher. Fortunately, last night was cool and as I walk barefoot on the earth, I enjoy the feeling of the evening dew beneath my feet. A breathtaking oceanic blue sky above, and a gentle breeze caresses my cheeks and rustles through the trees. The many voices of my feathered friends going about their morning keep me company. The bees have already gathered around the water feature. I find myself enveloped in the sensuous fragrance of honey lingering in the air. In this moment, my soul sings, and my heart swells with profound gratitude for the sheer beauty and life that surrounds me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Each dawn presents an invitation, a chance to commune with nature, and cultivate a profound relationship with the world around us. Nature serves as reminder of our interconnectedness, an intricate web where our observation of its splendour is met with nature’s own acknowledgement and recognition of our presence. Such a deep and ancient relationship woven into the fabric of our being and extending back to the dawn of time, when we knew without doubt that we were part of a larger living and conscious ecosystem.

The act of greeting each day, is one of reverence, acknowledgment and profound gratitude. This morning ritual, grounds me in the present, and sets the tone for a peaceful and intentional beginning. I find that it cultivates mindfulness, and a heightened awareness of intricate details that we take for granted or overlook entirely as we rush through our day. The natural world is sensuous, and will speak to us if we take the time to pause, observe, listen and engage with open senses.

Engaging in this morning ritual is not solely about benefiting myself; it’s a bridge that intentionally transcends the doctrine of separation between me and the natural world. In this act of greeting the day, we reach out to each other, seeking reunion and wholeness. A reminder that we are equal through our interconnection in the tapestry of existence.

How do you greet the day?

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